What Exactly Am I Doing Here?

“2022 is the year I read more,” I loudly proclaimed on January 1st. It seemed like a reasonable resolution. I love to read. When I was younger, it was my favorite thing to do.

Now? I’d rather watch The Real Housewives.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to love about the franchise that launched the Bravo cinematic universe, and there is nothing like curling up at the end of a long day with a cheese board and some trash TV.

But when it’s the only media you are regularly consuming, you become (dare I say) less than intellectually stimulating…

So it’s time I mixed it up.

Enter the 52 Book Club’s Reading Challenge! Typically, one would start in January to read one book a week. I did not do that. So I’ll be reading two books a week.

This blog is here to keep me accountable. Wish me luck!